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Story Crafting Secrets




4 Weeks

About the Course

DD's Editing Services are one-of-a-kind writing craft adventures! Through a series of Zoom Sessions, she works one-on-one with each of her authors to teach writing craft basics as well as develop each author's unique writing voice and way of storytelling. In this monthly class, DD shares her secrets to crafting a great story! Each month, she covers a variety of writing basics such as: Point of View, Action-Reaction, SAPs (Short and Powerful Sentences), Author Voice, Characterization (using GMC - Goal, Motivation and Conflict), Self-Editing Techniques and so much more! Using two Zoom Sessions each month as well as a variety of downloadable and printable Secret Sauce Sheets, you'll get fantastic tips, tricks and tools as well as a Sneak Peek at what it's like to become a LetLoveGlow Author!

Your Instructor

DD Scott

DD Scott

International Bestselling Author
39 Books. 1.4 Million Sold.
Writing and Publishing Coach.
Self-Publishing Strategist.
Found and Creative Director of LetLoveGlow Author Services
Lighting the Self-Publishing Path for Over 800 Authors & Authorpreneurs

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