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Welcome, Authors and Soon-to-be-Authors!

My LetLoveGlow Author Services PowerUp Publishing Program (PUPP) started in the Fall of 2018 to support Self-Published Authors and Soon-to-be Self-Published Authors in building global readerships.

I know how it feels to have written and published the books of your hearts and be waiting and waiting...and waiting...to find readers.

I've lived the writing-for-publication journey for 20 years (and the self-publishing journey for the last 10 years) and have discovered many tips, tools and resources along the way which have allowed me to grow my readership to over 1.2 million books downloaded around the world.

So, the PowerUp Publishing Program (PUPP) began with monthly online classes.

In these community classrooms, I shared dozens of fantastic tips, tools and resources to help authors boost their self-publishing journeys to an entrepreneurial level that supported and challenged them to write more books, sell more books, build a global readership and achieve bestseller-dom and beyond.

It was all about authors who were ready to enjoy every moment of the self-publishing journey, find lots of laughs and fun in their businesses, increase their knowledge of the industry and their productivity in order to receive unlimited abundance.

We kicked off each class with a LIVE session (2 hours long...which was recorded and available for class participants for replay) and worked on ways to:

* Create and implement a Morning Routine to jump-start your muses with a positive, joy-filled and abundant mindset

* Brand yourself and your books as the #laptopceo you are

* Build your readership around the world

* Understand and use all the tools Amazon offers to get your books optimized for visibility, downloaded, read and reviewed

* and...Track your success

The response to these classes was tremendous, with many people saying how much they were helped and inspired.

So, this year, I AM opening up the program classes to membership, offering more - plenty of recorded videos, workbooks, cheat sheets, PDF guides and continuing personal guidance via regular Zoom sessions and live social media events.

Throughout 2018, I sent out several questionnaires to uncover your greatest self-publishing challenges.

The challenges people revealed, naming their biggest self-publishing obstacles, were often solved in part by my short Facebook Live videos (which you can check out below as well as on my LetLoveGlow Facebook Page and in the Facebook Group).

The biggest challenge people named was figuring out how to Format their ebooks and print books for uploading to Amazon at a high-quality product point to provide readers with a wonderful reading experience. (*Note: Nothing turns off a reader quicker than a book that's formatted so badly, they struggle reading it.)

This is why it's vital to your publishing success to either know exactly what you're doing in the book formatting arena or hire it done by our LetLoveGlow Author Services Team.

And here's the thing...

Your invaluable input from my questionnaires has taken us to a whole new level of services offered...

Starting now - in January 2019 - all the PUPP Membership tips, tools and resources will concentrate on solving the areas you've stated are your biggest obstacles. Our goal for 2019 is to make our PUPP Members as self-sufficient as they want to be in in their self-publishing journey.

I will address one area for a number of weeks, then move on to the next - including:

* Formatting Ebooks and Print Books

* Increasing Readership and Building Readership Communities

* Author and Book Branding

* Running Amazon Free Promotions

* Deep Dive and Multi-Pass Editing

* Cover Design

* Uploading Ebook and Print Books to Amazon

* Tracking Your Book Sales and Downloads

* Writing Craft Tools (including but not limited to - Point of View, Author Voice, SAPs, Scene-Sequel, Action-Reaction, Power Words and more)

* Social Media for Authors

* Meme-making and Graphic Design for Authors

* Social Media Content Planning

*Transitioning From Author to Authorpreneur

* #laptopceo lifestyle

* Authors of Instagram

* Pinterest as a Storyboarding Tool

* And much, much more...

Begin by joining me for the PUPP Power Booster Facebook Lives!

Our fabulous, heart-based LetLoveGlow Community meets for a 60-70 minute Facebook Live session led by me.

Every other Wednesday

Sessions are FREE and Open to All

Next PUPP Power Booster Session: January 16, 2019

7:30 PM Eastern

Join us on our LetLoveGlow Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ddscottsletloveglowauthorservices/

This is about upleveling and shifting your self-publishing journey From Author to Authorpreneurial levels where you treat writing and publishing the books of your hearts as the #laptopceo you are. And a #laptopceo filled with joy, basking in every moment of your publishing journey while connecting with readers around the world.

So, if you're ready to take your Authorpreneurship to a much higher level...

Here's some of what you receive when you sign up for FULL MEMBERSHIP in PUPP:

* A once-a-month Personal PUPP Guide Sheet - You'll send in your specific questions/challenges on self-publishing issues you're having, and receive a monthly guide sheet with my answers and suggestions

* Your personal PUPP questions are also answered during the Q & A part of the Power Booster Facebook Live Sessions

* A 45-minute Zoom Session each month

* Signup gifts that include my:

+ Self-Publishing Checklist

+ Author and Book Branding Guide

+ 2019 Self-Publishing Report

* A new cheat sheet each month from my own personal collection that I've created during my 20+ years in the publishing industry

* A PDF of the latest edition of my new Self-Publishing Workbook Series

* Access to my 2019 Publishing Industry Update Video

* Membership in the active, inspiring and super-informative PUPP Membership Facebook Group

If you're ready to PowerUp your self-publishing journey From Author to Authorpreneur, the benefits of PUPP Membership offer you that, on an ongoing basis:





As you invest in your PUPP Membership, the energy of your new journey will reward you and each of the new readers and fellow authors you connect with in wonderful ways we can't even imagine right now.

Active members are billed automatically each month via credit or debit card. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish.

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