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PowerUp Publishing Program - From Author To Authorpreneur - Begins August 1, 2018!

From Author To Authorpreneur...

For Authors who are ready to BUILD READERSHIP,



I am doing a huge Happy Dance for you and for the results you will achieve because registration is now open for From Author to Authorpreneur!

From Author to Authorpreneur is a community classroom for authors and soon-to-be authors who are ready to boost their self-publishing journey to an entrepreneurial level that supports and challenges them to write more books, sell more books, build a global readership and achieve bestseller-dom and beyond!

It's all about authors who are ready to enjoy every moment of the self-publishing journey, find lots of laughs and fun in their business, increase their knowledge of the industry and their productivity (aka pampering their muses to all new levels) and receive unlimited abundance!

The question I'm asked most is: How did you do it...How did you sell 1.2 million books as a self-published author and hit bestseller lists around the world, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble's Top 100, Top 10 and #1 Lists across all genres?

People also want to know: How, in today's era of streaming content (movies, music, television and books), can authors make money when often, readers no longer pay for books? How can authors turn into authorpreneurs with much more than books to sell?

I could create list after list after list of guidelines, resources, tips, tools and tricks (and I have in all 3 of my bestselling on-writing and publishing books), but...what if, in addition to that, I worked with each of you in a wonderfully-supportive online group, guiding you every step of the way on your path from Author to Authorpreneur?

I have achieved my success in the publishing industry because I've always focused on this ONE guiding principle: BEING AN AUTHOR IS BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR. From the first day I started my writing-for-publication journey (long before self-publishing was even an option as we know it today), I knew I had to treat being an author as being the CEO of my own business. I had to do what all CEO's do:

* Create my products

* Create and implement routines, office hours and production schedules

* Brand myself and my products

* Build my customer base

* Understand and use the tools my industry and distributors offer to increase my visibility to my customers

* Track my success/sales numbers

As a business owner, especially as an Authorpreneur/Solopreneur, there are so many tasks we need to accomplish each day. (Oh, and btw, don't forget, we need to be writing the next book or piece of content as well.) We must be extremely organized in our efforts and definitely can't afford to take actions that are of little or no value simply because we didn't know any better.

Yes, it's difficult to make great money right now as an author...well, it's difficult if all you're doing is traditional marketing strategies such as book signings, ads in magazines, book fairs, etc. But...it's certainly not difficult to build global readership and make money if you know how to leverage all of the amazing tools Amazon gives you as well as social media and online communities.

Our world is changing so fast. New opportunities arrive daily as fast as the once-golden methods go the way of the dinosaurs.

Early in my Authorpreneurship, I realized that the KEY to publishing success was this: PEOPLE CONNECT WITH PEOPLE. It's really that simple. When you're not writing the next book (or the one after that), you must be connecting with people. And not connecting with them about your books, either. Connecting with them as human beings. Connecting because you have things in common, share values, interests, knowledge, etc. When you connect with someone and they get to know you and like you, they're much more likely to support you by downloading/buying your book.


* You have already sold books to everyone you know who would buy one

* You want to hit bestseller lists around the world

* You would love to have an international readership

* You want to make more money

* You want a powerful plan to work with to uplevel your publishing career

* You want all of the latest scoop regarding the publishing industry

If you want what's on this list, you're in the perfect place!

From Author to Authorpreneur is for authors who are ready to enjoy every moment of the self-publishing journey, find lots of laughs and fun in their business, increase their knowledge of the publishing industry and their productivity (aka pampering their muses to all new levels) and receive unlimited abundance!


From Author to Authorpreneur kicks off on August 1st with a LIVE Class (2 hours long...which will be recorded and available to you at all times for replay) to help you:

* Create and implement a Morning Routine to kick-start your muses

* Brand yourself and your books as the #laptopceo you are

* Build your readership around the world

* Understand and use all the tools Amazon offers to get your books optimized for visibility, downloaded and read

* Track your success

I'll also share with you my personal experiences in detail as well as all of my favorite tips, tools, tricks and resources.

You will receive access to a secret Facebook Group where, over the next 31 days (thru 8/31) members of the PUPP community will:

* Check-in every morning between the hours of 7-9 AM (in their time zone) on a "firstcupoftheday" thread to show they're Powered Up and ready to go

* Receive a Muse Therapy On-Writing Prompt for the day

* Be challenged with a Power-Up Publishing Business Building Action (PUPPtip) (to complete that day)

* Ask for help and/or support to move forward on the Authorpreneur path

* Receive fabulous feedback and Power-Up Boosters for even more inspiration

* Be held accountable for progress!

From Author to Authorpreneur provides you:

1. A Power-Up Publishing Plan to take you from Author to Authorpreneur

2. 31 days of Muse Therapy On-Writing Tips and Tools; and

3. 31 days of Power-Up Publishing Business Building Activities and Resources

If you are ready to make the transition from author to authorpreneur and build your readership around the world, then this is the community for you!



I want this to be a SUPER EASY decision for you to make.

And I can help you with that by making your investment easy on your budget.

The investment for From Author to Authorpreneur is just $88...BUT...if you join before July 22nd, the EARLY BIRD investment is just $47.

The LetLoveGlow Community alone is worth more than the investment. As many of you know, one of my mantras is NOTHING BEATS WRITERS HELPING WRITERS REACH READERS. You'll be connecting with fellow authors in an exciting and rewarding new way, creating quality connections for a lifetime.


Cheers Hugs and Love and Power-Up!

D. D.