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Welcome to My New Blog Series: All-Things Writing Life!

Welcome to My New Blog Series:


During my recent illness, I really took stock from deep within my creative heart and soul as to what matters most to me when it comes to the work I do here at LetLoveGlow and beyond.

With the guidance of the amazing mystic and healer Alana Fairchild, I tapped into the fact that my work is part of how I live (and love). It's an expression of my journey.

I realized that one of the things I love speaking on and teaching most is all-things "the writing life".

*** How does being a creative - in our case...writers - look and feel?

*** What is the impact our creative natures have on our selves and on the beings around us?

*** What can we do to honor our authenticity on our creative paths?

*** How can we rest, relax, rejuvenate and refill our wells?

*** How can we keep moving forward - writing and publishing the books of our hearts and dreams - while finding joy and abundance in the process?

This reflection took me back to where the writing life journey began for me almost two decades ago...when I created my Muse Therapy program to help writers around the world rein in and reign over their creative divas and dans. I did that long before I'd even published my first book, basically, as an exercise to heal my own muses during the horrifying and soul-sucking journey that writing-for-publication the traditional way (meaning agents and queries and rejections galore and hurry-and-wait then silence then hurry-and-wait some more) was before Amazon's self-publishing platform KDP and Smashwords were born.

I'm a nurturer at a heart and soul level. I find great and very deep value in helping people achieve their dreams and caring for their hearts and souls. But, over the years, I've simply lost sight of that piece of me. Maybe lost sight of isn't the best way to put it...maybe it's more that sometimes, I'm so busy trying to be that and do that for everyone that I forget to take care of me, too. And I forget to honor the parts of the journey that I love sharing most.

Maybe it's as simple as being more prolific in my writing again...THAT is one thing I've lost along the way. I haven't been writing my own stories from my heart and soul. And there's a bunch of fabulous stuff trying to get out of me! Lol!

To heal myself in this way, I've decided to write more of what I love...and that's All-Things Writing Life.

Inspired by fabulous visionaries like Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Alana Fairchild, Saint Germain and many more...who share their lives as expressions of their personal journeys...it's my honor to do the same in my own unique way and light the Writing Life Path for each of you.

With that enlightened purpose in mind, I'll be blogging again here at LetLoveGlow Author Services on All-Things Writing Life, simply because I Love to Write About All-Things Writing Life. It's one of my passions and something each of us needs to honor and make time for and I happen to be able to help you enjoy that journey in a fun, joy and light-filled way. I want to do this for each of you...but, just as important is that I need to do it for me and my muses and my heart and soul.

This is going to be so much fun! And I'm look forward to connecting with each of you in this new way!

Nothing Beats Writers Helping Writers

Cheers Hugs and Love and PowerUp Your Writing Life! --- DD