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Lighting the Path for You to Write and Publish the Books of Your Heart

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Self-Publishing Made Fun, Financially Doable, and Fabulously Joy-Filled!

LetLoveGlow Author Services offers all your self-publishing needs as well as strategic planning with the necessary tools and expertise to grow your readership around the world. We partner with our clients from the initial idea for a book all the way through the publishing and promotion process and beyond, producing one-of-a-kind ideas, developing effective implementation plans and designing high-quality ebooks and print books in all genres (including illustrated children's books). With our expertise, our clients transition from writers to authors to authorpreneurs.

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to Readership & Community Builder

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One of the questions our Founder and Chief Creative Spirit - International Bestselling Author D. D. Scott - is asked most is: How did you do it? How did you sell over 1.3 million books as a self-published author and hit bestseller lists around the world, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble's Top 100, Top 10 and #1 Lists?

Her answer: I first achieved success in the publishing industry by focusing on one guiding principle - Being a Bestselling Author is Being an Authorpreneur - meaning that, from the first day I started my writing-for-publication journey (over 25 years ago), I knew I had to treat being an author as being the CEO of my own business. But times have changed (for the better), and now (in 2023 and beyond), it's about Being a Creative Conduit for the Books of My Heart, finding unique and love-based ways of building my readership and communities throughout the universe, filled with higher-consciousness focused beings.

So, if you are ready to transform from being a Writer to being an Author and then a Readership & Community Builder, writing and publishing the books of your heart, then D. D.'s LetLoveGlow Author Services Coaching, Programs and Community are for you!

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New Earth Collaborations

LetLoveGlow Publishing is excited to announce it's new, exclusive partnership with 5DFullDisclosure! We are partnered in collaboration to bring whole truth to Humanity as well as usher in the new era of 5D publishing! We are also partnered with the Mother Earth's Crystal School Project in publishing a new range of higher consciousness children's books for the Crystal Children of New Earth!

"We would like to extend all of our gratitude to DD Scott, the owner of LetLoveGlow author services. She has been brilliant in assisting with the publication of our book and she is dedicated to her life mission of helping all of Humanity share their stories with the world."

-5D Team 

From D. D.'s Desk (The Blog) 

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