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When I began the writing-for-publishing journey over 25 years ago, I was clueless! And I mean CLUELESS! And then when I fired my literary agent and decided to go the Self-Publishing Path in 2010, I was CLUELESS again! 

But guess what?!

YOU will not be clueless because YOU'VE GOT ME to LIGHT THE SELF-PUBLISHING PATH FOR YOU! I'm honored to share what I know with you and make sure you don't make all the stumbles and take the tumbles that I did along the way.

Check out all the amazing Free Resources I will be continuously uploading here as well as all the phenomenal Workbooks and Lecture Packets for purchase that are coming soon!

Cheers Hugs and Love --- DD


Step-by-Step DD Guides

Download and Print the Following Free Guides
Based on Many of DD's FAQ!

Simply click on the photo below to Access 

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