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Books Written and/or Illustrated
by D. D. Scott

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The Bootscootin' Books

Bootcootin' Boxed Set Cover.jpg
Available on Amazon
as Ebook Boxed Set

From Amazon Top 100 and International Bestselling Author D. D. Scott comes a special edition boxed set of her bestselling contemporary romance series The Bootscootin’ Books.

It’s Chick Lit Gone Country.

This set includes all three books in D. D.’s award-winning series The Bootscootin’ Books — BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS, STOMPIN’ ON STETSONS and BUCKLES ME BABY. Over 600 pages of humor with a bunch of heart. BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS has been a #1 Free Title on Amazon, it’s been downloaded over 600,000 times and was a Top 10 Mother’s Day Pick. Together with STOMPIN’ ON STETSONS and BUCKLES ME BABY, this series has maintained an average 4-Star-Rating over the course of 2,000+ reviews.

Think Sex and The City meets Urban Cowboy
A Manhattan apparel designer, who’s also a country line dancing queen, has traded in her stiletto-clad clientele for (1) the frequent shoppers of a Music City tractor supply store and (2) a tomato-grown’, bootscootin’ cowboy, but she must accept that her best fit is on the dance floor moving to her own style and his lead.

Think Hell’s Kitchen mixed with Meet The Fockers.
It’s cupcakes and BBQ!
A Manhattan-raised, culinary-schooled pastry chef, teams up with her favorite cowboy, a Meat n’ Three diner owner, to cater the wedding of a Music City socialite, but to get the job done, they must handle the heat sizzling between them while rising above their ex-factors as her ex is the wedding planner from hell and his is the bride-to-be. Love is a lot like cooking — delicious with the right ingredients.

Think paparazzi-hell and Ponzi-scheme fall-out meet home-shopping and Babies “R” Us
A Manhattan-raised, marketing and promotions impresario and her Nashville TN homebuilder beau are forced to face overnight fame from their success on a home shopping channel, but can they handle big business with twins on the way, especially when they’re dodging paparazzi-hell on account of their family’s Ponzi-scheming past? It’s double the fun but more than double the trouble.

***A Bonus Excerpt of D. D.’s latest 5-Star-Rated Contemporary Romance Series — The Royal Heirs — is included as well as an Excerpt of one of her Humorous Mystery Series — The Cozy Cash Mysteries.


" of the top Romantic Comedy/Humorous Mystery writers out right now." — ENT (Ereader News Today)

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