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Websites are Back!

WEBSITES are Back!

And yes, I know, you may be thinking, 'Uhm ... when did they go away?'

The answer is that they took a major back burner to all-things social media!

But now that "censorship" and "cancel culture" are part of our everyday lives, if we have a message and brand that we're sharing with the world, we need a "home" for those messages and brands that we have more control over ... thus, WEBSITES are back.

Many of you may remember that even a year ago, I advised you to focus on building your social media outreach first, meaning that if you were prioritizing how to spend your resources (both time and money), it was my opinion that you were better off engaging in growing your audience on the social media platforms where authors and readers hang -- like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

And herein lies another one of the phenomenal reasons to self-publish ... YOU can make a decision to change course a bit without needing your agent's or publisher's permission.

Once upon a time, my experience and research had proven to me that the "static" nature of a website wasn't what we as human beings were gravitating to. We were all-in on the "in the now" status updates our social media platforms offered us. But now that we can "vanish" from those sites - because the powers that be don't agree with something we've done or said - a semi-permanent "home" that we sort of "own" with our domain name (I say semi-permanent because we obviously don't control the internet) - i.e a WEBSITE - gives us more of a "safe" place to express and share our brand and message.

To that end, I've had many of my LetLoveGlow Authors reach out to me and hire me to go ahead and design a website. So stay-tuned for many brand new sites coming soon for wonderful authors like Everett Kunzelman, Hal Scott, Paul Kelley, and more.

Note: My fee is $500, which provides you with an author website (hosted by Wix) that has a stunning Home Page as well as an About the Author Page, a Books Page and Blog, as well as a Page or Two Unique to You and Your Brand. Reach out to me today (via email, text, or private message) to book your spot on my production schedule!

Cheers Hugs and Love --- DD


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