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You Were Born a STORYTELLER!

Been studying Human Design a bunch lately, and I found this incredible quote from Human Design Teacher, Karen Curry Parker ... it's as if she read my heart and mind (and Human Design Map) ... this is exactly why I created LetLoveGlow Author Services and its children's division, 4everglow:

"You are actually living a story within a bigger story -- the story of humanity on planet Earth. ... Storytelling might not seem like much of an activist stand to take when it feels likes the world is crumbling. However, your power to tell stories is the most radical and active thing you can do to change the world. Your personal story matters and is a vital component to changing the world in which we live. ... If we begin to tell a different story and join our empowered stories together with the stories of others, we can begin to weave a template for a different reality. ... Words are the bridge between the Divine and the human story. They translate the infinite into the finite. Words are the code for your personal story."


Join me, and all of us at LetLoveGlow and 4everglow, in writing and publishing the books of your heart ... Humanity's Stories!

Cheers Hugs and Love --- DD


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