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Publishing the Books of Your Hearts Can Be a Joy and Love-Filled Journey: #letloveglow

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing says #letloveglow like Valentine's Day!!!

And it's in that #letloveglow spirit of Valentine's Day that I created LetLoveGlow Author Services. At the time (on or around 2016), I had been in the publishing industry for going on 20 years and had been a Bestselling Author of 39 books with over 1.2 million books sold for 6 years, but here's the thing ...

I had finally found the magic of a joy and love-filled publishing journey. And it wasn't in the traditional publishing world, at all. In fact, I found the traditional path to be horrifyingly negative, cut throat, and honestly, just cruel. So, as I've done in almost every arena in my life, I stepped out of it, meaning ... I BURNED ALL THOSE BRIDGES, and I built my own bridge and forged my own path, thanks to all of the Self-Publishing opportunities that began in 2010. I found incredible success, the kind that over 90% of authors (no matter how they're published) never achieve, and I did it by doing it my way, without the backing of one of the mega-Goliath publishers.

Then one day, speaking to an incredible group of writers at the National Pen Women's Association in Florida, I was asked if I could teach them how to do it my way. And, of course, I said a heart-felt YES!

What if Publishing the Books of Your Hearts Can Be a Joy and Love-Filled Journey?

I had built that bridge for myself, and I was ready to lead writers (as many as I could reach) all across it!!!


To date, I've helped over 800 authors, and I'd love for YOU to be NEXT!

You can check out all the services I offer here:

On this Valentine's Day, show some love for yourself! Take the step and join me on the incredible SELF-PUBLISHING JOURNEY! I've built the most wonderful, joy, light, and love-filled path, a bridge of books of the heart, written from one soul to another, as we all figure out together what our new world is going to look and feel like.

And no matter what, as the phenomenal and poignant song by the amazing Jackie deShannon reminds us:

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love ..."


Cheers Hugs and Love --- DD

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